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Frisch is a brand new Compassionate Eatery located in the heart of Salt Lake City! Please check back often for our specials, get a peek at our delicious food, and learn about living a compassionate life in this hectic day and age!
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Compassionate Living

There is a lot of information out there about living a Vegan lifestyle. We can point you to some of the most effective, but we also want to share with you what we find so incredible about living a "Compassionate Lifestyle".

There are a lot of Vegans out there, some much more vocal than others. Some of us do it for ethical reasons, some do it for faith. A few do it for health benefits, and many do it for the benefits an animal-free diet has to the environment. The one thing that unites us is a passion to reduce cruelty and suffering to animals.
At Frisch, we do it because we couldn't bring ourselves to eat other living beings. We couldn't look at a mama cow with her calf and think "lunch" anymore! After that, we couldn't stand the idea of drinking mama cow's milk anymore, either. We're not baby cows, so why should we eat like one? Sure, cheese called out to us many a night when we first quit dairy. But we got over it!

The Vegan community is a passionate one. Look up any Vegan social site, and you're likely to see heated debates raging about whether honey is Vegan or not, or whether someone who "went" Vegan is still legit if they still wear their old leather. Some of us love PETA, where some others might find them too extreme. Some of us might get offended if someone eats meat around them, others might find that a chance for a little friendly "education". Some consider themselves activists or advocates, but we're all essentially Vegan.

Matt Webb from Vegan Outreach has an amazing article called "How Vegan?" This article pretty much sums up how we feel about being Vegan. Here is the paragraph that pretty much says it all: ..."we have to be the opposite of the vegan stereotype. Regardless of the sorrow and outrage we rightly feel at the cruelties the animals suffer, we must strive to be what others want to be: joyful, respectful individuals, whose fulfilling lives inspire others. Only then can we do our best for the animals."

For us, that joy comes from living in harmony with the earth. We want to leave it better than we found it. We think sharing incredible, cruelty free food with people is the best way to reduce the amount of animals raised for food in this country. We think that the food you eat should be clean, too. We buy our produce from a local co-op that sources from 75 local organic growers. We strive to support local business, too. There are far too many mega-corperations out there waiting to gobble up the world. Only by shopping locally can we ensure a thriving community to live in! We want you to feel comfortable at Frisch as well, whether you are Vegan or not. We're not going to bombard you with pictures of suffering animals, or lecture you on the evils of eating eggs. We will, on the other hand, show you how great Compassionate eating can be!

Compassionate Living is an achievable goal, and can be done in steps. We can all cut down how much fossil fuel we use. We can conserve water and resources. We can reduce or eliminate the consumption of animals. Any little bit helps, and it feels great doing it!

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