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Plant Based Nutrition for a Greener Planet

It's the giant, hulking elephant in the room: Our planet is heating up, and we need to do something to slow that down. Eating a diet that avoids animal products can do far more than clear your conscience!

Livestock takes up a lot of natural resources, and you can feed far more vegans than cows on the same space. Books like Forks Over Knives are great resources if you would like to know more!

Frisch Compassionate Eatery is a 100% Vegan, plant based dining destination!


Frisch Compassionate Eatery was established by Rachel and Leigh Kade in the Spring of 2012. The Kades have been vegetarians for over a decade, and vegans since 2009. Rachel and Leigh have a passion for delicious food, and now they have Frisch to introduce you to a whole new world of incredible flavor!

Frisch is an eating establishment that does not use anything sourced from animals. We think that living a compassionate lifestyle is liberating, cleansing, and good for you... and should taste great, too!


There is a commonly held belief that maintaining a vegan, organic lifestyle will cost a lot of money. We do our best to put that rumor to rest!

Organic produce may cost a little more, but the benefits for your health are worth it! If you have questions about how you can add more plant based, nutritious food into your diet, just ask!

Can't decide what to get for someone as a gift? How about a Frisch Compassionate Eatery gift card? Give the gift of great, fresh food and good health.

Gift Certificates can be purchased directly at Frisch, or from our online marketplace HERE!

As a small, local, family business ourselves, we like to help promote other small businesses, which is why strive to purchase our supplies and inventory locally whenever possible.