We never saw it coming. In May of 2017 we embarked on a long-gestating experiment with our business, namely in launching Frisch Vegan Foods, our wholesale division that would allow us to provide fantastic, plant based snacks to the entire country. Our first orders were enthusiastic, and we went about our business.

Regarding Our Recent Change in Service

Our first re-orders were modest, and we kept plugging along, making jerky and running our restaurant. Then, in late July, we got a huge order. We then realized that the electrical system in our building couldn't keep up with the burden both businesses were putting on it. We were running out of ours in the day to make jerky and run our restaurant. Something needed to change.

In September of 2017 we decided to reduce the number of hours our restaurant would be open, and remodel the building to allow for a larger production avenue. We will no longer be offering seated dining options, but will focus on sustainable take out goods. All of our food, as well as our full line of jerky and Cakewalk treats, will still be available... but for less hours in the day. In return, though, we will be able to focus on getting our jerky into more stores and venues nation wide, and will be coming to more markets and festivals to spread the word. We appreciate all of you for your support and understanding!