Amazing, Inventive Salads

We pride ourselves on dreaming up new flavor combinations for fresh, nutty quinoa, crisp broccoli, and the most amazing marriage of tempeh and kale in the world!

100% Vegan Coffee Menu

Stop by our coffee bar and treat yourself to one of Wade's amazing flavor concoctions. From classic European confections to fantastic flavor blends, we have the pick-me-up you've been waiting for!

Cakewalk Vegan Bakery

You won't believe these treats are 100% vegan! Spoil yourself with Dillos (thing Twinkies, but awesome and vegan), gluten-free carrot cake, and some amazing surprises!.

Not Just Health Food!

Our nachos are famous around the world, with even the staunchest omnivores singing their praises! And check out our Spicy Mac and Cheese for a real eye-opener!

Mouth-watering Specials 

Being Vegan doesn't mean having to give up on taste! We serve up delectable daily specials, from our famous Buffalo Soy Chicken Wraps to our amazing Barbecue! 

 Frisch Food Available Monday-Friday, 11am to 8pm, Saturdays noon to 8pm!